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China Rising
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China Wars

It came to me in a dream. True. Visions of PLA troops invading. It happened after I read a book, XXXXXXXXX, which projected the next 100 years. In it China sort of dissolves meekly in his future, not a scenario I find likely. It had a few interesting scenario's, which I won't spoil for you. Anyway, it stimulated me to do some research, looked at Jane's, a few sites like XXXX and XXXXX. Chinese power was clearly growing and American power was waning, at least in SE Asia. It was also, in a geographical sense,  in the natural area for Chinese influence. And there was Taiwan. Then I looked at a map of oil and gas reserves in SE Asia. It all added up.

Next I consulted the prophets. Literally. One in particular had striking visions of the red army on the march through SE Asia.

So that is how China Wars came to be, and how we see one possibility, for the next 100 years.



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