T H E  C U B E  G A M E L A B

This Cube Game Lab is for people who want to mod and produce content with the Cube Engine. It is not to help you install, configure or play the games. It is designed for people who want to produce models, maps or mods, basically, the content creators. If your are new to the site you should read the Welcome. I have borrowed liberally from the Cube documentation, wiki and forums.

There is a lot of documentation for the engine, but it's all over the place, I struggled when first confronted with this, so I wanted to try a different approach, the Visual Guide to Content Creation which aimed to visually link all the information in a graphical form, with links to the apps and plugins needed to set up your tool chain and get started with the Cube engine. Unfortunately the visual guide exists as a more virtual guide at present, so we have a smaller, and more humble Overview, to get you started.

In addition we nclude our own, real life experiences getting MekArcade up and running. We will share not only our experience but also our models, maps and other mods. Because this is my site I can give you my complete and unbiased opinion on tools, techniques and mods.


Sauerbraten is the official, reference Cube 2 game. 480 MB download for Win, Mac & PC Eisenstein is the RPG version that is stalled in development.
AssaultCube - slick, fast FPS from Cube1 Red Eclipse - most impressive Scifi themed FPS for Win, Mac and PC - see image >
PlatinumArts Sandbox - non violent version of the Cube engine for kiddies and educational use.  Octaforge is Cube2 + Lua

Red Eclipse

Shameless plug for MekArcade