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The very, done for my daughters netbook. Uses dxHTML window engine. This was about the fourth I tried seriously, and it remains very stable and cross platform. Even checked it out in IE9, all seems to work. If your using a netbook do the right click thing and launch it in a new window.

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This a big done done with the Dynamic Drive window engine.I want to check out it's performance and stability.



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A medical one, done with the dxHTML window engine again. Please read the disclaimer

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A SF one, done with the dxHTML engine, featuring a Martian theme, background slideshow of martian vistas, and heaps of useful tools, including those with a distinct Martian purpose. As I was building this I had 2 thoughts, could I put the Rebelmars content into a desktop, and wouldn't they make a good environment for some internet based game. In my next life....

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