Portables Page  

First off we have Pure Portable Pleasure, our collection of super portable apps for Windows. You can do just about anything with PPP. You can add your own choice of apps to your own set up of PPP - see below

Next in our suites is the Cube Development Kit (CDK) a suite of apps designed for game development with the cube engine. This is windows only at this stage, but most of the apps are cross platform, so a suite for the Mac or Linux could be put together. All you need is this and a cube game and you have all the tools you need to produce a game, and it all fits on and runs from a USB.

We also have a list of some of the best portable apps, all neatly organized - see Best Portable Apps


You can add lots of apps to your own set up of PPP. In fact you can add just about anything to PPP! There are 3 basic steps:

1. Find your program. See recommendations below & our Best
2. Download it and copy into the PPP folder  eg \PPP\newapp folder
3. Set up the link in Corvette (the launcher). See here for more information.

Online Portable App Collections

Portablefreeware.com  A very extensive collection. One of the best. GOOD
Portableapps.com  Perhaps the best sorted out and organized of all the collections GOOD
LupusPen.org  This ones even better! Made us get out of the portable app business! Neat launcher and install system. RECOMMENDED
TinyApps.org  Most of these tiny apps are portable  
Best Free Portable Windows Apps  
100 Apps for College Students  
Selection of portable applications  
Folding Freeware Project - An everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. Big.
Portable Freeware Directory  
Portable Office Executable  

Some portable apps I use, but didn't get included in PPP7

CodeBlocks C development environment. X Platform. Highly recommended, but comes in at around 100 MB (including the Ming compiler) , so I didn't include it, it is in the CDK though.
PureBasic Not freeware, but cheap. Fast too. X Platform. Highly recommended. Demo version available. I thought about including the demo version, but didn't. The launcher, Corvette-TL is a Purebasic App.
Paintshop Pro Shareware. Version 7 can be made to run OK as a portable.
Country Codes Freeware list of country codes is an invaluable resource. The Country Codes app provides all the information you’ll need with maps, ISO numbers, IDDD country codes, and even the current time.
Pocket PC Wikipedia The Pocket PC version includes an app to run on Windows and on Linux, so you can use it on your PC. Less than 200MB and has a search.

Some popular apps that others use or recommend but missed out this version 

AbiWord Portable. Only 14 MB. Good OS word processor.
Sunbird Agenda  a popular organizer which was replaced in PPP with the much smaller Chaos Manager
Firefox Portable I replaced the popular but slow and buggy Firefox with QTWeb, which is much smaller and faster.
Star Dictionary  TheSage replaces StarDictionary (better)
Media Players Both VLC media player. and Zoom Media Player are good players but were simply not needed
Soflege This music tuition tool was a bit unreliable and also large
Deep Burn Popular burning utility was simply not needed
RockXP  This microsoft key finder was identified as malware by antiviral because it uses many of the same  algorithms as malware, so I removed it.
FreeCAD Removed just to save space.
LeoCAD Lego CAD. Wow!
Thunderbird excellent email client that I don't