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Welcome to mekOS ('Timber Wolf' edition). This is a bootable, live Linux distribution that includes a wide range of programs, emulators and tools. Originally we put together mekOS for House Euphrates, my Xbox Live Clan, with a focus on classic retro games and emulation. Overtime it has gained just about every type of program you can imagine, so it's not just about games, you can do just about anything!

What can I do with mekOS ?

Just about anything ! Not just games! With OpenOffice 3, lots of graphical & multimedia application and heaps of tools you can take your office and your desktop with you. And then there are the Emulators, all sorts of game consoles and old computer systems. The emulators are from XXXX and you can read about them here.

  1. Content creation and editing : The extensive range of programs means you can do 99.9% of the stuff that people do on a computer done. Office documents, graphics, game models, just about anything. Have a look at the full list of programs or read the How to guide
  2. Security & private web browsing : You can browse the web on a computer and not leave a trace using Opera, which is the standard browser with this release. 
  3. Retro Gaming : Boot that old Game! Read here.
  4. Boot that PC with the dead HD or stuffed OS: Because it's built with Puppy Linux mekOS  can boot form CD or USB computers with dead hard drives or a scrambled OS.
  5. Do something useful with an old PC:
  6. General Purpose Toolkit: There are lots of tools that can be used for all sorts of things!
  7. Overcome limitations of work computers : In many work places the computers are tied up tight with security limitations making them next to useless. Boot one with mekOS and have fun!  

For getting started see here