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Game Emulator Page

There are are 4 working emulators that come with mekOS, Mame 32 , Project 64 , SNES9x and Kega Fusion . This page is a quick starting point for general tips, guides, links and resources.

General Tips

  • Getting ROM's is illegal unless you own the game
  • Copy your zipped up ROM into the roms folder of the emulator.
  • Never extract the contents of an arcade zip file because arcade emulators run off of the zip file itself.
  • Never rename an arcade zip file because its exact abbreviated name is how arcade emulators can detect it.
  • Sometimes a game will benefit from having it's keys reassigned. This is specially true of some of the Arcade (Mame) games.

Getting Started Guides

ROM & Emulation Sites - these often become inactive or go offline, so you may need to search the web.

  • Cool ROM - They have arcade, Sega CD, Saturn, and N64.
  • Lot's of N64 and GBA. but also old consoles
  • EmuParadise - Downloads are painstakingly slow, along with tons of pop-up ads.
  • EmuRussia- No ads, no pop-ups, no hassle!
  • EmuAsylum - arcade, Sega CD, TurboGrafx16-CD, and Saturn, but you need to pay to access to the CD-based games.
  • - (has pop-ups) Including N64, Atari Jaguar, Philips CD-i, Saturn and Sega CD. Content is downloadable via BitTorrent archives.
  • - Works!
  • Fantasy&Anime - has good tutorials for most common emulators
  • Gameboy Advance ROMs - They have a virtually complete collection of GBA ROMs.
  • isoHunt - (has pop-ups) You can download complete sets of ROMs from most systems here.
  • GamerZ Paradise - (has pop-ups) Including GBA, N64, and PSX.
  • Planet Emulation - they include a great collection of large arcade ROMs.
  • Including GBA, NDS, N64, PSX, and PSP. Works!
  • - Lot's! Works!
  • ROM-World - They make you vote for them in some top site list before you download. Works!
  • Including Sega CD, N64, and arcade. Works!.
  • Shady Roms- No ads, no pop-ups, no hassle!
  • SnesOrama - PSX, Sega CD, TurboGrafx16, TurboGrafx16-CD, N64, and SNES.
  • Zophar's Domain - Lot's of useful bits and pieces, emulator save states, ZSNES CHT files, and more!

 ROM File Conventions

Emulation websites will list games with symbols beside them like this:
     Mech All-Stars (E) [!]
     Mech All-Stars (U) [p]
     Mech Warrior (J) [!]
     Mech Warrior(U) [!]
     Mech Attack (V1.0) (E) [x]
     Mech Attack (V1.1) (E) [!] [h]  

 Key to the symbols:

     (U) United States release
     (E) Europe release
     (J) Japan release
     (###) Checksum
     (##k) ROM Size
     (M#) Multilanguage (# of Languages)
     [!] Verified Good Dump
     [a] Alternate
     [b] Bad Dump
     [f] Fixed
     [h] Hack
     [o] Overdump
     [p] Pirate
     [t] Trained
     [T] Translation
     [x] Bad Checksum
     ZZZ_ Unclassified

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