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What is it?

Pure Portable Pleasure is a suite of portable applications put together originally for House Euphrates with a focus on classic retro games and emulation. It also has just about every type of program you can imagine, so it's not just about games, you can do just about anything! The program launcher is called pStart, which runs in the notification section of the windows taskbar and provides an easy to use and modify menu system. It also lets you makes notes and has a search facility. You can read more about pStart here and some general stuff about portable apps

What can I do with Pure Portable Pleasure ?

Just about anything ! Not just games! With OpenOffice 2.3, lots of graphical & multimedia application and heaps of tools you can take your office and your desktop with you. And then there are the games. The particular situations that you might use Pure Portable Pleasure for are:

  1. The portable office or applications for content creation: The extensive range of programs means you can use this as a portable office and get 99% of stuff that people do on computer done. If you need some other application that is not here, then have a look at the full listing of programs & collections available for download and also read the section on modding
  2. Security & private web browsing:: You can browse the web on a computer and not leave a trace using the standalone version of Firefox
  3. General Purpose Toolkit: There are lots of tools that can be used for all sorts of things
  4. Overcome limitations of work computers: In many work places the computers are tied up tight with security limitations making them next to useless for doing anything usefull
  5. Explore & Learn: There are number of educational programs for you.
  6. Enjoy the Games:  The reason for this collection!

 What do I need to run Pure Portable Pleasure ?

1. Windows XP PC with access to a USB port* - NB: not tested in Vista or 2000
2. You need Flash & Shockwave plugin to play many of the Games

*There are other ways to run PPP, in fact anyway you can copy the files or the zip onto the PC will do eg over a network,

What Applications come with Pure Portable Pleasure?

  • Games - over 50 games including some absolute classics
  • Game emulators - 4 of 'em, emulate Arcades, N64, SNES and classic Sega consoles. Wow. See below.
  • Graphics - edit bitmaps with Paint.Net, 3D models with Blender, 2D vector graphics with Draw, do CAD with FreeCAD, edit those pesky Icons with Greenfish Icon Editor and from the same company a graphic convertor. And there's more!
  • OpenOffice - the complete suite. Easier to use than Office 2007! Heaps of tools, planners, Sunbird Agenda
  • Internet - browse the web with safety with Firefox, Radio Screamer, Filezilla, TinyIRC, utorrent, IM with Miranda and more..
  • Musical treats! Try SynthEdit,neat synthesiser/fx box builder. Awesome! Psycle music sequencer, Audacity audio file editor
  • Multimedia Apps, heaps! Try Billy a neat little mp3 player, Zoom, a fully fledged Multimedia player, Virtual Dub the speedy video editor, rip and burn CD's and DVD's. It's mind boggling.
  • Science Applications, calculators and tools, including some maps & reference material. We also feature Celestia the wonderful space simulation, Oscilloscope which turns your PC into one and Stellarium.
  • Maths - 4 Maths packages. Not much you can't do. And of course the spreadsheet in OpenOffice!
  • Developers tools - Kompser for WYSIWYG HTML editing, 2 programmers editors, ASCII and Base convertors and more...
  • Various utilities and tools - too numerous to mention. How did you do it?

What can't you do with Pure Portable Pleasure?

  • Flash - there is no flash or shockwave editor, though you can make a simple click through slideshow with impress that you can save as a Flash file (.swf) file.
  • Email Client - I removed Thunderbird to make some space. Easily added.
  • Run a web server - I also removed XAMMP and JSAS (portable Joomla portal) both of which are easily added, and both work by the way.

Can I mod Pure Portable Pleasure ?

Sure can! Any standalone application can be added. You can try applications from Portable Apps, WinPenPack or any other standalone apps you can find on the web. If you find a good one let me know.

The menu can be edited by opening pStart in Panel mode,

  • Select the items tab,
  • Browse through the groups and items that make up the menu
  • Select where you want to add your new item (file, folder or group)
  • Click on the edit menu (or right click)
  • Choose your action eg add new file, folder or group, remove etc

Advanced Use: Editing manually the xml configuration file pStart.xml which is in the \pstart folder, is another option. Be careful with the syntax, it's xml and if you break it, Pure Portable Pleasure may not work properly. pStart will try to fix it if the syntax is duff. If you can't fix it there is a back up in the folder which will take you back to the original configuration.