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Applications listed by type

Pure Portable Pleasure (Windows 7 edition) contains heaps of portable applications, listed below in groups that match up with their location on the PPP progarm menu. There may be links on programs names, these are to a the programs home page or related site.



We have a quick guide to emulators for you to get started with. The emulators we have are:

Mame32  - 'old style' arcade emulator, I can relive my adolescents without needing a pocket full of change! Wow!  Read more>
Project 64 - a fantastic Nintendo 64 emulator  Read more>
Snes9x  - one of the excellent Super Nintendo/Famicon emulators  Read more>
Kega Fusion - Sega console emulator for Windows.   Read more>

DOSBox - run those DOS games under Windows, see list of G.O.G that can use DosBox


Card Games
Board Games
Puzzles -
Simon Tantham's Portable Puzzles
9 Clasic Arcade Games
Windows Games -
Flash Games

Graphics - slightly simpler image editor than PSP 7
Hugin (an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging tool)
Misfit 3D(3D graphics and animations)
PosteRazor (any dimension poster creation and print)
Draw (2D Vector drawing package from Open Office suite)
IconEdit (Icon editor)
Pix Convertor (Picture convertor)
Check OpenGL -
check your OpenGL version


QTWeb - a fast, internet browser for secure & private browsing
CoreFTP - FTP client
Phoner - Voip client
Screamer - Internet radio
Miranda IM - IM compatible with Yahoo, MSN, AIM etc. Runs in tray. Lots of Plugins
Kompozer - Html editor for web pages creation
uTorrent - Bit Torrent client
TinyIRC - IRC Client
Kitty - Tiny Telnet client
nPop - Email Client

You want to make web pages?
Use Kompozer or OO Writer for WYSIWYG editing or SciTE (text editor for developers

Office & Documents

OpenOffice - A full office suite, like Microsoft Office but open source and free.

Writer - a word processor like Word2003. Opens word docs & save PDF's.
Draw - 2D Vector drawing package.
Calc - a spreadsheet very similar to Excel.
Impress -Powerpoint clone, which can slideshows exports as simple flash.
Database - an Access like desktop Database tool
Math - advanced calculation tool.
Web - Writer converts to a WYSIWYG web page editor

Note: The apps are slow to boot (Java & USB) so give them about 20 seconds. This is the GoOO version, which is much bigger but boots twice as quick.

Chaos Manager (calendar with agenda functions)
Sumatra PDF (.pdf reader)

Plus Windows Sticky Notes and Fax & Scan

Language & Cultures

TheSage (dictionary and thesaurus software)
ICE ebook reader - this is the limited, freeware version.
Short history of the world from
Books - Various inc. Greek & Roman Myths, religious works etc

Sciences & Maths

Math - Mathematics software from OpenOffice
GnuPlot - data graphs or mathematics functions visualizer
GraphCalc - scientific calculator
GeoGebra - dynamic geometry, algebra and calculus

Celestia - space simulator
Stellarium - planetarium 3D

Biology - introductory material
Periodic table

Sound & Vision

Audacity-excellent audio file editor, does most conversions, FX and has plugins
Psycle - easy to use music sequencer

InfraRecorder - simple to use CD/DVD burner
Sound Recorder - launches W7 simple sound recorder
ScreamerRadio - neat little internet radio player

Cdx - excellant CD ripper does most conversions and more
Quartz Studio  - easy to use music sequencer
Capture Video -
YouTubeGet - donloads YouTube videos and can converts it.
VirtualDub  - video editing, encoding and decoding, DivX included.

MicroMedia Player- neat little multi media player when you need it discrete.

Time and Planning

Chaos Manager - calendar with agenda functions
FreeMind - mind-mapping software
Planner - complex project management tool

BigClock - large digital clock so you can keep an eye on the time
Desktop Clock - a little digital desktop clock
TeaTimer - a little minute timer.
World Time - a web page allowing you to check the time around the world.
Stopwatch - a web page stop watch
Task Schedule
r - Run the Windows Scheduler

Development Tools

SciTE. 1.0MB, Advanced text/source editor
Kompozer - Html editor for web pages creation
Okio CSS editor -

Database Browser -

Resource Hacker -
Bitmap Extractor -
Calculator - launches the new W7 calculator that includes a programmers calculator

Utilities Menu

freeCommander. 1.2MB, dual-pane file manager, zips/unzips, unrars, makes SFX files, wipes, splits, searches in ZIP/RAR/CAB archives and more.
Screen Capture
Toucan - backup & sychronisation tool)
PeaZip - to easily zip and unzip files. Does rar and linux formats
Command Line - runs a windows command shell (..\Tools\shell.bat)

Windows Accessories - opens the Accessories folder

File Utilities

Duplicate file finder - name says it all.
Rename Files - bulk file rename tool with lot's of options
File Recovery - easy to use file recovery tool. Not all is deleted when you delete!
iDisk - Displays a folders structure
- a GUI clone of the unix list files commands. Outputs text, html (with links) or CSV
Grep - another GUI clone of a unix tool, this time it's grep
Search and Replace - Search & replace through multiple text type files
Clean Up - vigorous disk cleaner. Offers test mode. Use carefully.


Windows Firewall
Network Connections
command = %windir%\system32\ncpa.cpl
Network Scan
Check Ports...
Show IP
3D Trace Route
Sniff Packets
Look 4 Network Computers

System Tools

Windows Startup Apps
Process Manager
Task Manager
View Running Drivers - errant drivers watchout, we can find you with this!
View LSA Secrets
Registry Editor
JK Defragger
Toucan Disk Backup
Disk Space Cleanup
System Information -
HD Information -
more hard drive info than you'll ever need.  

Security and Privacy

Clear Recent Files - little tool to clear the recent files list.
Security & Privacy Complete - a complete privacy and security tools
NeoCrypt - for the paranoid, this encryptor does single/multiple files cryptography
Get Windows Key -for the forgetful, this tool shows you the current windows key.
ClamWin - free antivirus, see Portable Apps. This is an on-demand antivirus scanner.
Key Logger Detector
KeePass. - store/manage/autocomplete usernames & password
VSubst -  Set up a Virtual Drive
Online Security Tools  - links to virus and malware scanners

Don't forget to use QTWeb browser for private and secure browsing without leaving a trace.

Folders & Places

The top items open Windows 7 'special places' and folders.

The lower items opens folders included with PPP.

Windows Tools

These launch the tools and utilities that are hidden away in Windows 7.


The top 2 items open tools for searching your PC.

The lower items opens various web searches.


A variety of interesting links.


A application launcher, separate from the windows one.


We all need help sometimes, check here for PPP help.