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1. Download the zip file

Pure Portable Pleasure comes as a 500MB zip file

2. Unzip Pure Portable Pleasure  to a drive.

Just about any drive will do. Most people will either unzip it to their hard drive or to a USB.  You could also put it on a CD or DVD or any of the memory cards. Where ever you put it, there needs to be 720 MB of free space.

Once it is unzipped your ready to go.

3. Run Start.exe

Run the start.exe in the folder you have installed Pure Portable Pleasure This runs Corvette-TL the tray based program launcher. You will notice the Boat icon in the system tray of the taskbar. Left click to bring up the Program Menu from where you launch your progams. Right click brings up the options menu, where you can set up your applications, set other options and exit.

4. Use it

  1. Content creation: The extensive range of programs means you can use this as a portable office and get 99% of stuff that people do on computer done. If you need some other application that is not here, then have a look at the full listing of programs
  2. Security & private web browsing:: You can browse the web on a computer and not leave a trace using the standalone version of QTWeb
  3. General Purpose Toolkit: There are lots of tools that can be used for all sorts of things
  4. Overcome limitations of work computers: In many work places the computers are tied up tight with security limitations making them next to useless for doing anything usefull
  5. Explore & Learn: There are number of educational programs for you.
  6. Enjoy the Games:   Read about the emulators here.