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How to....

This guide can show you how to do just about anything with the programs included with PPP.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

How to | Documents | Graphics | Multimedia | Emu & Games | Internet | Security | Utilities 

If you have questions relating to:

Corvette-TL - read here to learn about the launcher
Installation - read the Corvette-TL setup guide. 
Adding new programs -  read the install guide and our recommendations.




Documents - How do I....

Edit/create/convert MS Office Documents?

MSWord - use Writer
Powerpoint - Impress
Access Databade - Base
Excel - Calcs

Make or view PDF's?

OpenOffice can make PDF's from all it's documents
SumatraPDF  can view PDF's - much faster than the Slobe Viewer.

Make or edit web pages?

OpenOffice Writer provides a WYSIWYG editing of html documents.
Komposer is WYSIWYG editor of html documents
Scite can provide color coded html source editing.

Read an eBook?

Use ICE ebook reader

Graphics - How do I....

Edit or create graphics?

Bitmaps (eg GIF, JPG, PNG) use
2D Vector graphics - use OO Draw
3D Graphics - Misfit3D
Icons -

Make flash files?

Rip graphics from apps?


Multimedia - How do I....

Edit or create sound files?

Audacity - can edit just about any sound file.
MIDI files -

Edit or create music?

Bitmaps (eg GIF, JPG, PNG) use
2D Vector graphics - use OO Draw
3D Graphics - Misfit3D
Icons -

Listen to Music

Listen to Internet Radio - Screamer
Play MP3 - Windows Media Player
Play MP3 - Micro Media Player   NB: Audacity can also be used

Watch video or listen to music

Windows Media Player
Micro Media Player

Edit Video - VirtualDub

Video Capture - Stoik Video Capture
Capture Flash Web Video - FLV Web Capture

 Psycle Sequencer
Quartz Studio
 Sound Recorder
name = CDx - Ripper

InfraRecorder - Disc Burner
Music Labs Online
Windows DVD Maker


Language & Culture

Browse the web? - can use QTWeb
Bittorrent downloads? - 
use uTorrent
FTP - use FileZilla
Instant Messanging - use MirandaIM
Voip - use Phoneer
IRC - use TinyIRC
Telnet - Kitty
Listen to Internet Radio - Srceamer
Capture Flash Web Video - FLV Web Capture - see Sound & Vision menu


Internet - How do I....

Browse the web - use the portable QTWeb to browse.
Get my email? - 
Email Client, Reach-a-Mail
Bittorrent downloads - 
use uTorrent
FTP - use FileZilla
Instant Messanging - use MirandaIM
Voip - use Phoneer
IRC - use TinyIRC
Telnet - Kitty
Listen to Internet Radio - Srceamer


Physics & Maths - How do I....

..explore the Universe? -  Celestia
Explore the night sky - Stellarium
Home Planet
Use an Oscilloscope -  ..\Science\scope30\scope.exe
Physic and astronomy calculations - Cosmic Calculator
Convert Units - Unit Convertor
Plot graphs - GNUplot and GraphCalc
Do algebra - GeoGebra
Cosmology Primer
Do physics stuff online?
- Physics Sims @ .myphysicslab -
- Falstad's Physics Applets -
- Electronic Simulations (Java) -

Maps & Earth Science  - How do I....

Earth Physical Map - physical_world.pdf
Earth Political Map - political_world.pdf
Get an introduction to geology?  Introduction ..\Science\geology.htm
Check out Geological Time - geotime.htm
The Earth Guide  ..\Science\earth_guide.htm
- Earth Maps Online -
- Google Maps, Mars, Luna, Mercury, Sky

Life Sciences - How do I....

Biology Primer
command = ..\Science\biology.htm
command = ..\Science\biochemistry.htm
command = ..\Science\ecology.htm
name = Evolution
command = ..\Science\evolution.htm

Learn the basic genetics of the E.coli. - ..\Science\ecoli_genetics.htm
Find Biotech Resources  ..\Science\biotech_links.htm


Utilities - How do I.... 

Convert Currency? Use the Currency Convertor
Screen Capture ..\Tools\capture.exe
Open a command window? - Command Line  ..\Tools\shell.bat

File and Text Utilities

Manage, copy or move files? - Free Commander
Find duplicate files - ..\Tools\DupFinder\DupFinder.exe
Rename Files ..\Tools\renamefiles\renamefiles_v2.42_us.exe
Recover lost files ..\Tools\file_recovery.exe
Display, print or save folder structure ..\Tools\i.Disk.exe
Make list of files in text, html or csv format - LS - unix list..\Tools\LS.exe
Multiple file Search and Replace , ..\Tools\replace\MB-SearchAndReplace.exe
Check an MD5 Checksum. ..\WinMd5Sum\winMd5Sum.exe

Network Stuff

Windows Firewall command = %windir%\system32\firewall.cpl
Network Connections command = %windir%\system32\ncpa.cpl
Perform a Network Scan - ..\Tools\netscan.exe
Check your ports. "Aye, captain"  ..\Tools\cports.exe
Show your current IP - ..\Tools\allip.bat
3D Trace Route  ..\Tools\d3tr.exe
Sniff some packets ..\Tools\smsniff.exe
Look 4 Network Computers - ..\Tools\look4.exe

System Tools

Windows Startup Apps
command = ..\Tools\strun\strun.exe
Process Manager
command = ..\Tools\apm.exe
Task Manager
command = ..\Tools\apt.exe
View currently running drivers?
command = ..\Tools\DriverView.exe
View LSA Secrets
command = ..\Tools\LSASecretsView.exe
Registry Editor
command = C:\WINDOWS\system32\regedt32.exe
Defrag my hard drive?  JK Defragger  ..\Tools\JkDefrag-3.31\JkDefrag.exe
Back up my stuff? Toucan Disk Backup ..\Toucan\Toucan.exe
Clean up my disc drive? - ..\Tools\CleanUp\Cleanup.exe
System Information - CPUID
command = ..\Tools\cpuz.exe
HD Information
command = ..\Tools\HDInfo.exe

Security and Privacy

All these, except for QTWeb, are in the Utilities->Security and Privacy menu

Clear Windows recent files list? - Clear Recent Files ..\Tools\recentclear.exe
Security and Privacy Complete..\Tools\SecurityPrivacyComplete.exe
Do a virus scan? Clam Antivirus..\ClamWin\ClamWinPortable.exe
Encrypt files? Neocrypt Encryptor ..\NeoCrypt\NeoCrypt.exe
Get your Windows key? ..\Tools\GetWindowsKey.exe
Detect if a keylogger is on my system?  Key Logger Detector..\Tools\KL-Detector.exe
Keep my passwords secure? ..\Tools\KeePass-1.17\KeePass.exe
Make a virtual drive? - VSubst - Virtual Drive  ..\Tools\vSubst.exe
Browse the eb without leaving stuff on this PC? Use

Online Security Tools