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Windows 7 Version

The Pure Portable Pleasure (Windows 7 edition). has been tested extensively with Windows 7 Ultimate RC 1, 32 Bit version and the release version, in the Home Basic flavor.  All the applications work. I culled out a number from the previous 'House Release 1' that either did not work with Windows 7 or found better applications, including a few we wrote ourselves.

We plan testing it on the 64 bit version of W7 in the 4Q 2010.

Compatibility with older versions of Windows

Just about everything will work with Vista and most things with XP.

I have not tried on Windows 2000 or earlier, however a properly upgraded install with all relevant service packs should work. 

Known Issues

1. A few of the 'Windows Folders' are set up incorrectly for Vista and XP

2. One or two of the windows tools don't work in XP

3. There is a bug in the Corvette Menu Editor which sometimes scrambles files when you move files and seperators around.