Big List of Image Tools and Resources

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Paint and hang your master piece.
Cartoon Magic
Select a Scene and upload your friends face.(email requierd)
Cartoon Machine
Has color objects and persons you can add and move.
City Creator
drag drop color city builder.
Comics @ Mai'Nada.Net N C - mainada
Social comic stripe creator service! It uses open laszlo and was created on ruby on rails. (login required)
Design Studio -
Build a house in 3D, Flash site.
Eng Constructor -
drag drop B&W city.
eyespot N -
Use the eyespot Mixer to edit and combine your videos online!(login required)
Flipbook! -
Draw simple frame by frame animations. Good concept, previous frames are faded.
Graffiti - playdo
Draw a graffitis.
N -
Compose an Katsushika Hokusai Japanes print, change the size, the color(red or black) and mirror each item.
Imagination Cubed
Draw with a friend.
ze's Interactive Toys - ze
Flakes maker, Flower maker, sequencer...and much more
an other kind of pictionary
online pictionary
Make a flake
Folded piece of paper to cut, see example.
Mondrian Machine
clic, clic. Simple and nice.
Pixel Group N -
Online pixel drawing.
Sketch & Send Studio -
Design a snowflake in 3D, jigsaw puzzle to send. -Flash requiered
Sketch Swap -
Draw, submit and view skeches.
Nice Black and white images you can drag, this is the best in the kind I've seen.
Test Fractal Generator C -
Explore for interesting regions in the plane by entering some values (or using the defaults), and the computer will iterate them and generate a gif image.
The Cooperative Painting Project 2 - Mininova labs
May freeze IE! An experimental project that let you draw a collaborative pixel drawing.
Online painting you can email.
Witty Comics -
60's style images you fill in with your text.
First choose a wall, then spray them.

Image Editors, Optimizers, Converters

Background Image Maker -
Helps you create color/graduation with preview.
Convert Image to CSS NC - elliottback
to CSS, HTML, or xHTML
JPEG Cruncher - sweetleaf
Gif Optimizer.
GIF mediabuilder C -
GIF image editor. Resize it, colorize it, optimize it, and jazzercise it.
Graphics Editor -
Gif Image Resizer -
Resize Animations Online
Gifs and Jpeg Crunchers -
ImageCrop C
Upload and crop your photos.
Image editor -
Make Gif or Jpeg simple graphic shapes and filters.
Image Embellisher
create special effects with a few clicks
Icon Maker
Upload an image to crop.
Image Magic C
Convert or manipulate your images directly from the web.
Image Optimizer -
Edit, optimize, resize and add text.
Image Optimizer
Optimize your GIFS, JPGS, and PNGS online.
Image Optimization
Image Photo Editor Optimizer Jpg Gif Png -
Image photo editor
Image processing applet
Displays an image from the server and allows the user to process it: crop, resize, rotate, etc. by Igor O. Zhukovsky
Image size detector - Web Tool Central
Image Splitter - chami
Make a shirt -
Not free, but can be used as an online editor. Draw on a T-shirt to buy it. (flash)
MediaMatrix is an online application that allows users to bookmark, isolate, segment, and annotate digital media.(login requiered)
Online Image Editor N -
Advanced image editor: Upload an image to Crop, rotate, resize, distort and more!
Pixoh N
Edit pictures online, and when your infront of a picture you would like to edit just use their Bookmarklet!
Poor Person's Image Mapper F -
Complete online Photo editor!
QuickToons -
Create your own quicktoon, 3 ballons to fill
Red eye reduction online tool
Let's you upload a photo.
Spinwave GIFCruncher - webreference
Good gif cruncher. (Email requierd.)
The Random Image Rotator -
The TileMachine
Tile your images
Thumbnail Creator C -
Produce thumbnails for local uploads.
TransWeb Transparent -GIF Service
Makes Transparent Images
Two Minute Image Map -
Graphics manipulatition tool over four-dozen different effects
FontEditor BitfontMaker N F
An online bitmap font editor
Fontifier -
Font generator. Upload a template, preview your font is free, downloading it is $9.
Vizog F -
Multi image tool, editor, collage... searches directly yahoo or can be used with flickr.


ASCII Artist
ASCII Generator -
ASCII Generator -
ASCII-O-Matic -
Upload a photo, convert it to Ascii and get the HTML code.
Image to HTML/Ascii converter
Text 2 image
Converts text to image. can be used for emails.
Text To Image Converter
converts an image to html by coloring letters.
Image Magic
Convert or manipulate your images.
Image Alchemy Demo - Handmade Software
Convert PostScript, Encapsulated PostScript, or PDF file to other image format.

Image Generators

Barcode Image Generator - Bokai
BGmaker N F -
Excellent tool to make backgrounds!
Cigarette pack generator
Write it's name and text.
CSS Rounded Box Generator C - neuroticweb
Generates custom rounded color corner images.
Coldplay Album Art Generator
Makes color blocks from text.
Curved Corners N -
PNG round corner generator. Create any of up to 16 million colours.
GIF Animation Creatior Plus F - animegif
An online Japanese GIF maker, generates an animated GIF from JPG, PNG, BMP. Upload 10 images, calculate it total size, set background color, speed and number of loops.
Gradient Image Maker - dynamicdrive
Make custom gradients,for backgrounds or decoration.
Graffiti Generator -
Maze Generator
Mazes Generator
A perfect rainy day activity for children of all ages
myData-final -
Modrian Art generated by your name, sex, age..
Monty Python's Silly Walks Generator -
Create silly walks, store them online and send them to your friends!
Newspaper snippet generator -
Write the article Title, content...and it will generate an image as if it was published in the newspapers.
Polaroid-o-nizerC - polaroidonizer
uploaded an image, rotate, set Background color, x and y coordinates and add text to generate an image as if it was a Polaroid.
Police Badge Generator -
Generates realistic 3D Police, Sheruff badges to buy but while making it you get a priview. Petty the background is not white. You can still take a screenshot to retouch it.
Random Texture Creator - Create Backgrounds and Textures -
automatically generates unique one of a kind backgrounds and textures which you can use for web page backgrounds, buttons, logos, and other graphic projects.
Romance Novel Cover Generator
Generated from an local uploaded image.
Scrolling image generator
Choose Behavior(scroll or alternate), set Scroll speed, Direction, background color and input up to 10 image URLs and it will generate the code (with 'marquee' tag)
Smiley GeneratorC - smileygenerator
Has many generators and resource. This is one of the only tool that does not requier login.
smileygenerator N -
Exists in many languages
Générateur de smileys
French Smiley generator, adds capitons.
Spirograph -
Java applet for drawing spirals
Interactive Weaver N -
Weave your own Tartan. Could be used for texture, backround...Choose threads color, amount..and save(gif)!
Test Fractal Generator N -
Transparent PNG Generator -
Click on the color wheel, choose transparency level, then download the 50x50 png.
Virtual Vomit
Make you own vomit?...
Smilies Generator - Wen Pigs Fly
Watermark generator -
Upload an image or a photograph, input text and choose it's position.


3D Face Generator
Generates a 3D face image from the informatio you provide
Animated AIM Buddy Icon
AIM Expressions(Buddy Icons), Away Messages, MSN Backgrounds, MSN Icons, Emoticons, Sigs
Avatar Generator -
Flash avatar generator
AvatarHell - by
Avatar service with an Avatar Editor
(login requiered)
Avatar Maker N -
3d body to cstomize.
Avatar Star
Choose doll to add text.
Block Head Iconizer -
Customize Lego man heads
Eoool button generators -
Chinese site, let's you generate avatars, email, chat, 80x15 buttons. optimized for IE
Pimp My Doll -
Doll maker.
Choose a picture, add text. Bit like the MSN icon maker.
minifesto - make your own animated text icon C
Creats an animated square gif with your text appearing.
Morphases N -
For ecards. New Advanced face morphing online editor, you can submit you photos.
MSN Icon Maker -
Choose from lists of lots of women and few guys avatars, ability to add text, flip pictures. Same as MSN - Avatars - Avatar Maker - Make Avaters without all the popups! ;-)
Caricature Maker -
Creats B&W sketch style faces, select a part from the top tabs, choose a shape from the table and set it's location and size. Possibiliy to save as jpg, png, gif, to get BBcode,HTML or mail!
Design a Baby - DavideoDesign Studios
Doll Buddy Icons -
Doll Makers - eLouai
Dookyweb Create My Picture
Cartoon style head, put head parts together.
Set up a beauty profile.
Elouai Smiley Creator
Creat custom smilies.
Doctor Warp -
Warp Your Favorite Celeb!
Evil Clown Generator
Hanna's Facemaker
hair and make-up game
Face transformer image upload
Hanna's Facemaker -
Heavy Metal Makeover -
Icklebug Giant Blinkiemaker -
Drag some blinkie to print it.
Icon Editor - Icon Editor
Choose a category, an icon to add your text.
LameToy -
Upload a jpeg or choose from their faces. Requiers to turn off any popup blockers, but it's OK, it oly lauches the editor.
Gaia Avatar Simulator
Choose male or female, then simply select the desired items from the drop-down menus to create a character.
Gaia Dream Avatar Creator -
Avatar Creator is an avatar simulator for GaiaOnline
Gravatar -
A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites.
Add makeup and choose haire style to the face.
Minifig Generator
This online toy allows one to explore combinations of LEGO minifig body parts, combining them into unusual characters.
Mr. Picassohead
Put together picasso style eyes, noses and color them.
My Little Smileys
Customize smilies, choose color,add hair...
Name Decoder
Monster, Cyborg or Sexy name decoder that make's an avatar
Muglets N C -
Upload a photo to transforme it into Flash animations, Windows screensavers or even on your mobile phone.
Abi-Station -
Custom avatar generators: Portrait Avatar Maker
Portrait Icon Maker - Let's make an original icon!!
Paper Doll Heaven -
Flash site to Dress up famous singers, actors... dress ups do not requier login.
Portrait Illustration Maker - abi-station
Tool to make faces.
Oddcast animated speech N -
Animated speech caracters
Otaku Avatar Maker - Let's make an original icon!!
Picture Diary Maker
Simpson maker by Quentin Devine
Customize background and face.
Smiley Speech Ballon Creator - dressupgames2
Creats a small smiley with a cartoon bubble. Clique on the letters to type.
The Spide Generator
Dress your very own chav in a shell suit of your choosing.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel -
Choose celebrity to dressup.
Dressup stars to send as ecards, or take a screenshot and use as Avatar.
Dress Animated Characters
Super-Hero Generator - Lee
South Park Character Creator - South Park Studios
South Park Character Creator v2-
Click on the left image to choose the part you want to configure, skin color, hat shape...
Ultimate Flash Face
Put together and scale hair, nose... Black and white sketch style. Quite difficult, easyer if you start with the head and the chin.
Virtual Make-Up -
Choose a model or upload your picture to change haire style...
Yahoo! Avatar creator
This is quite advanced tool, choose F or M and start editing, add apparels to favorites... Flash 8 requiered. May need login
You are the Artist
Sketch a face with an interactive and easy-to-use method to draw online.

Banners - Text

1&1 BannerGenerator N -
Made with Flash. 3 sizes, backgrounds, option to upload an image, choice of fonts and colors. The banner pops up in a new window, so disable popup blockers. Then right click to 'save image as...'
3D Text Graphics Generator -
3D logo creator -
3D text maker -
3D Banners -
creat animated or 3D text.
Animation Online -
Flash online demos to create dazzling effects.
AnimationOnline -
Creat Flash animations
Animated Banner And Greeting Generator -
Some premade examples using AnimationOnline.
BannerBreak -
Choose Text Size, Outline, colors, fonts, Shadow and Gradient and it will generate a direct links.
Banner Builder
Background images and text options.
BannerForge Wizard C -
Lots of banners! Unicode support.
Banner Generator -
Generate a banner with lots of options in different formats.
Banner Generator - Dienste
Generates window 95 style banners.
Banner Maker N - bannercreator
With possibility to write 3 different text in different fonts, color and sizes.
Bling Generator - Make Your own Gangsta Gold and Diamonds
Generates your word with 3D letters
bokstavskex r.i.p. - bokstavskex
Spell with cookie letters
cartoon speech bubble maker -
Pixel type cartoon bubble generator.
CoolArchive Logo Generator -
Creative Connectivity's New Banner Creator -
Has 4 different forms to create buttons, logos or banners.
Custom Decal - Vinz Decals
License Plates, Upload Image, for normaly ordering, but you can take a screenshot.
Custom Vinyl Banners N - Designed Online
Advanced Banner Editor
Dancing letter maker thingee
Animated danthing letters generator.
Extended Network Image Generator -
Choose an image or a background to add text.
Extended Network Banner Generator -
Same as above with other backgrounds
FastBanner 3 -
Some background and colors options.
Ferrari-style Logo Maker-
Flash Ticker
Flash scrolling txt banner generator.
Flaming text -
For Headings, Buttons and Banners.
flickr logo maker -
Free Flash Banners -
Generates a code to copy, Internet Explorer(popups!)
Flickr Album Maker -
FlickrToys -
Make a Poster, Magazine cover, a Flicr Badge with a Flicr Photo or a framed photo from flicr or URLs.
Flickr Album Maker
Freeway Sign Generator -
Google Logo Maker-Logogle -
Google Logo Maker -
Logo and search box.
Générateur de bannière en ligne -
French banner generator with lot of non visual settings.
Gif-text C -
Choose background, font, texture...
Gradient Banner Maker -
Graphic Navbar Generator
This will generate navigation quite nice menu button images with your text. Let's you choose button style and colors.
Gif Banner generator -
Choice of different backgrounds and has a preview.(login required to remove the trail message, better take a screenshot before the message appears.)
GraffitiCreator -
Quickly design graffiti style logotypes.
Glitter Graphics -
Animated glittering letters... ;)
Harry Potter style Logo Maker -
Heading Maker - Xara 3D
Logo Maker -
Flash and PDF banners. Choose a style ant input your text.
Logo Maker : Search Engine Maker -
Generates a personal search engine with a famous logo type letters(Google, Coco-Cola, Star wars, Martix, Batman, Harry potter...). You can allways use just the logo...
Nintendo style Logo Maker -
Monsters Inc style Logo Maker -
Pimp Text
3D hand writting style letters
Online Banner Generator, Banner Creator -
Lots of sizes and nice backgrounds.
The Junk Machine -
Java applet that interactively creates marquee(animated scrolling) text for banners, buttons... to HTML code.
Marquee Banner Generator - Firehouse58
Plane Banner Generator
Quit nice. Airplanes pulling a floatong banner.
Real E-Z Online Banner Maker - angelfire
Choose a backgroung to add text.
Signboard Factory by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Instant 3D font maker, Basic 2-line signboard, Instant 3D font maker and CG name plate generators.
Smiley Speech Ballon Creator - dressupgames2
Creats a small smiley with a cartoon bubble. Clique on the letters to type.
Spell with flicr
Spell your word with images found on flicr.
StarWars-style Logo Maker -
Ultimate Banner Generator C -
40,000 banners to edit
Warning Label Generator N C -
Choose the color, the icon and write the message.
Web Banner Generator (468 X 60) -
First chooose from plain text, shadowed text or embossed text. Then enter your text and set options for: Font, color, background color and alignement by pixels.
Yahoo-style Logo Maker


Tip: Better block popup windows here.
Banner sakusei N -
Japanese badge generator with nice photos of food. The first color option is the font color, the second is the border color. Font size options are. 7px or 8px.
Banner sakusei 2 N -
Japanese badge generator, upload your image(up to 1000kb). Options: 1- font color, 2- border color. 3 - background color. Font size options are. 7px or 8px.
Luca Zappa's Brilliant Button Maker(80x15) CF
Settings for left side, right side and border, with option to choose from 6 fonts and to add an image.
Button maker - CoolArchive
Button Maker(80x15, 80x31) - Dynamic Drive
Has also transparent settings.
Buttons - Cameron Gregory
Custom font, size and color simple buttons.
Button Engine C -
very fast graphic buttons generator.
Button Maker -
Buttons and menus with mouseover effects and sub-menus.
Button Maker(80x15) -
Settings for left side and right side.
Button Maker and Generator(80x15, 80x31) - Blog Flux
This one will generate a code to copy. Settings for left side, right side and border.
Cae's button generator -
Create YaBB and YaBB SE-like buttons, 3 styles and lots of icons to choose.
Enhanced website button maker(80x15) C -
Settings for left side, right side and border, with option to choose from 11 fonts and to add an image.
Eoool button generators -
Chinese site, let's you generate email, chat, 80x15 buttons. optimized for IE
Kalsey's Button Maker(80x15) -
Feed Subscription Button Maker(80x15) N C -
Generates 34 'Add To RSS Buttons' Subscription and bookmark(, furl...) buttons in one go!
Free Logo Maker -
For Buttons, Sigs or logos, there are over 3.5 million possible combinations of designs available.
RSS Graphic Tool(80x15) -
Online Button Coder(80x15) -
Generates a HTML table code, has lots of options. Take a sreenshot to convert to an image.
Flash Embedder
Flash Navbar Generator
Flash Drop Down Menu Generator
Flash Topbar Menu Generator
Buttons and textures
Glassy Buttons
customizable oval buttons with rollover effect.
The Original I Love You Image Generator - customsigngenerator
Makes I love you banners and buttons but also has other images to replace the haert.
PHP Button Generator -
Generates a php code with your text. Choice between 3 kinds of button templates and options to add icons to each side.
pixelbutton(80x15) -
Settings for left side, right side and border, has a good color picker.
Rectangle Button Generator N -
First choose the color and you will be redirected to a list of different styles to choose.(I had to manualy click on the redirect link)
The Fantabulous Icon-O-Matic! N -
Add text to or wite with: hearts, hearts, arrows, smileys, typography, astrological signs, religious symbols, geometric shapes, universal symbols, stars...

Email Sigs/Buttons

Online Siggy Maker(350x19) -
Nice long email or forum signature to customize with your ID (No hot linking)
E-Mail Icon Generator
For 24 different email services!
E-mail Sigs C
AOL, ATTT, Bigfoot, Gamil, rockmail,msn,, yahoo email image generator.
Gmail Signature Generator - Email-X
E-mail protector N C -
Customizable mail form code generator (for font, size, colors...with instant pop-up preview of options.) and image(jpg,gif,png) generator that automaticaly detects over 40 mail providers!(yahoo, gmail, hotmail...)
Mask Email Image Generator (
Simple BW text image email generator without any logos.
Free Flash Button Generator
choice of different styles.
Sig / Logo Generator -
First chooose your button, then from plain text, shadowed text or embossed text. Then enter your text and set options for: Font, color and alignement by pixels.

Favicon - Icon

Ajaxload -
Animated Gif generator for activity indicators or throbbers...
Favicon Icon Drawing Program C -
Create a 16x16 pixel icon in 16 colors with optional transparency.
Favicon Collector F - Julian Bez
"steals" favicons fron the web and also displays all the last stealed icons, looks like an icon gallerie.
FavIcon from Pics -
Generates a favicon from an image of any size!
Favicon Generator - Dynamic Drive
From an Image. icon editor.
Favicon Generator F -
Generates a favicon from text.
Favicon.ico Maker -
Upload a 16 x 16 pixel PNG and click 'Faviconify!' to create a favicon for your website. This favicon maker supports alpha transparency.
Icon Grabber - Mindzilla
Grabs favicons fron a url.

HTML Text &Image

Note: Media embedding code generators are in the HTML section of the OnlineTools02 page.
ASCII Art Generator
Make your picture into text, from local upload or URL.
Ascii Text Art Creator -
ASCII Generator C - network-science
With several options. Try dircetly the _all fonts with your taxt_ to preview all font styles.
Ascii Greeting Creator - Mud Magic
Choose from 227 fonts, ajust text color, position and size.
ASCII Text Maker -
Generates your word to Ascii text with a choice of 3 fonts.
ColorBand C
Generate HTML text in graduated colour.
Image to HTML ConverterC - neil.fraser
A table is created which is filled with large numbers of 1x1 cells. Each cell has a background colour of the corresponding pixel in the image. example
Nifty Text
Gradient HTML Text code generator, start and end color choice.
Rainbow Text Generator -
Gradient HTML Text code generator, Generates different color code for each letter.
Rainbow Text and Crazy Text Maker - Draac.Com
Gradient HTML Text code generator, Generates different color code for each letter.
Rainbow Words -
HTML Text code generator, ramdom, fade or rainbow and lets you decide the 3 first colors.
Raining sybole code Generator
Choose a sybole to get a long 'marquee' codes
Stereoscopic ASCII Vision F
Makes a 3D Ascii image!
Text Gradient Tool
Shadow Text
CSS code for text with shadow
Sloganizer F -
Generates a php or javascript with image that changes each time the page is loaded
Form that generates a png image from any URL.

Maps & Graphs

"Do-It-Yourself" State Maps
The "Do-It-Yourself" Map Generator allows you to select and color code select US state and generate a custom map.
Google Maps <-> Google Earth Automatic Conversion - gouillou
Google Map Maker - by Frank
Not the sitemap
Google Maps Transparencies
Click and drag anywhere, just like normal Google Maps, and see how the Map View matches the Satellite View (or vice-versa). Control the level of transparency with the slider control at bottom.
Map Builder
Like Google map where you can enter your own text.
Map editor applet
Quickly draw a map. by Igor O. Zhukovsky
MapIt - usgs
Form-based Simple Map Generator, This form takes longitude/latitude pairs as input and plots them on a Mercator projection map along with land/sea and political boundaries. The map bounds will be about 10% larger than the bounds of the entered data points.
Explorer places with flickr photos.
Municipal broadband and wireless projects map - CNET
See which states have imposed restrictive legislation, fiber to the home or wireless clouds.
OMC Map Creation
Enter map boundaries and map projection choice to get a postscript and png world map.
Topographic Map Generator
This page allows you to interactively generate VRML 2.0 scenes of topographic maps of the world. The topographic data used is the ETOPO-5 dataset from the NOAA NGDC, a 5 arc minute resolution map of topography and bathymetry for the entire Earth's surface. The surface can be colored based on elevation, or texture-mapped with various other data sets. The texture maps available are the biosphere, an AVHRR composite, the CIA World Data Bank, and the topography data (using a texture map will allow higher resolution coloring with a coarse grid).
Wayfaring - Dave Pape
Web Service to create prosonal maps you can share on the web (login requiered)
Pie Chart Generator - yellowpipe
Create A Graph N -nceskids
Here you will find five different graphs and charts to create!
Gliffy -
Collaborative social software. Let's you create diagrams and flow charts online.(login required)
Graph Tutor
Interactive Java application that provides an intuitive sense of the behavior of functions and graphs.
Sparklines URL Generator - Joe Gregorio
Sparklines are a small graphs, this will generate a URL you can use on your web site or blog.


12 sided calendar - arntzen N
A 3D 12 sided calendar to print and fold!
Color Test Sheets -
These files allowed for a substitute of Pantone color chips by simply printing these files first, finding colors that printed well, and using those CMYK/RGB/HEX values in your design project.
Customized calendar C -
Choose Year, Several month or one month. Set Language, moon phase, holidays and empty space.
Canon Creative Park
Create, invitations, photo frames...
Cornell Notetaking Method Custom PDF Generator N -
The custom sheets can be blank (Cornell Style), ruled, or graph style. They are output with your name, the name of your class, and the date - that is, if you provide that information.
DYE paper bookmarks -
Colorful paper bookmarks for page corners to print.
FlickrToysC -
Create a Calendar, card generator, , Movie Poster, Badge Maker, Trading Card Maker from flicr tags, photoset, favorites or any image URLs. See Calendar example.
Garden planner - Smallblueprinter
HP Activity Center - Hewlett-Packard
Create calendars, invitations...
My Album Maker N -
Very easy online card and album maker.
My Brochure Maker
Notepaper Generator -
Notepad Generator -
Has option to insert yout name and other details to generate a pdf to print.
OvalMaker (labels)
Paper CD Case Generator
Printable Calendars N -
Generates a custom calendar, select the start date and choose PDF or WORD.
The Rasterbator - The Sect of Homokaasu
web service which creates huge, rasterized images from any picture to make posters.(login requiered)
Unlimited Printable Calendars -

Download & Print

Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs -
London Taxi, King's Crown, Cars...
Paper Mac's - theapplecollection
Paper Mac - eno blog

Custom Signes

Bar-B-Q Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Bush Backdrop Generator
Select an Image and enter the text you wish to appear behind Dubya.
Church Sign Generator -
Comic Strip Generator, Cartoon Maker, Comic Book Creator
Has 16 quite fun images to choose from, like the 3D holmer Simpsons, Alien...
Custom Sign GeneratorsN -
Over 250 Image Generators! Cola Coca Cola Sign, McDonald's sign, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's burger, Uncle Sam wants you, Microsoft $1,000,000.00 check, Fortune Cookie, I Love You Image Generator, Naked woman, Nearly naked guy... To mail or take screen captures to download.
Custom Image Generator
Empty One way, Stop signes and fanous poeple
Dynamic Einstein picture -
Make Einstein write what you want.
Famous Faces Image Generator
Deface A Famous Person's Photograph With Your Custom Caption. Clinton, Jesus, Lincoln, Pope, Monroe, Marilin Mason, Malcom X...
FlickrToys Captioner
Add capitons to any photo.
Flickr Billboard -
Make a big statement with your digital photographs
Flickr Movie Poster -
Image generator N -
Bad Comment image generator:There are 2 comic images following, one a guy talking to a girl and the other the guy getting smacked upside the head by the girl, imagine what is said. Newscaster image generator: Make the photo of the french news chick Melissa Theuriau talk. MP vs Towelguy image generator: Here we have an photo of a sad looking guy with a towel on his head, and a menacing police force in the background. Dumbledore image generator:Make Harry Potter's Dumbledore speack.
Las Vegas Strip Generator
Choose from 5 Neon signes images to add your text below.
Lintukoto / Banner Generator
Has several Photos and some speech bubbles.
Japanese TV Shows N - gedo-style
6 different Japanese TV shows. Upload an image and inout text to generate a image. There's a Kuma maga style to capiton.
Office Building Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
O'REILLY book cover Generator
Pack Place Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Ribbon-O-Matic N -
Spatulas Generator
Choos a Spatula and add text
The Movie-Plot-o-Matic
Creats an article with the name you put in.
Tombstone Generator -
Untitled States Custom Image Generator - untitledstates
Some post signes and actors.
Wanted Poster Generator -
Wanted Poster Generator - Make your own Old-West-style Wanted Poster (and use it as an MSN display image)!
From an uploaded image!
Which Office Moron Are You Generator
More Image Generator Links


Apple - iCards N -
Customizable e-cards
Oddcast animated speech -
Animated speech caracters
ATB Cards -
Creats card with your message intergrated in the image. Like a New Paper, Scrabble board, billboard...
Christmas card - electricdecember
Invitations, Party Ideas, Birthday Invitations, Party Invitations, Mardi Gras Invitations, Party Themes, Birthday... eCards.
Japanese ecards. Input order from left to right, top to bottom: your mail, your name, friend's mail, friend's name, message. Sending options are: when(date, hour, minutes in dropdown menus), notify me when ecard has been read(check box)
e-cards with your text intergrated. Belin wall you can write on.(Prints are not free)
myKards - Personalized photo eCards and slideshows N -
Search Flickr photo by user or tag, drag 10 photos you want and set background color, oder, send it
freaky -
Flash e-cards -
Create and arrage illustrated flowers made by Chinese Artists.
Slideroll N -
Photo Slideshows with Music generator. (Flash)
Uglymatic C -
Original ugly animations to send.
Write a message in the snow, and send that picture.

Sound Multimedia related

See also : Music add-ons
Online music player and playlists.
BeatBox SJ Mixer
Embedded Media HTML Generator C -
For Flash, QuickTime, Real media and Windows media players.
Guitar Chord Charts
Guitar Chorder - dillfrog
Learn which chords you're playing on the guitar.
Guitar Generators C -
Guitar Tab Generator with 4 or 7 strings and lots of options!
Chords from Scale Generator
Printable Guitar Chords
Guitar Chords Search engin Chord Generator, Tab Generator, Tab Splicer, Chords from Scales and Blank Charts. Now you can find, design and hear millions of chords in Standard and alternative tunings.
Guitar Chorder - dillfrog
Helps you through the first step of identifying which chord you've played.
Let them sing it for you
Listen to your text as song.
iTunes Signature Maker - jasonfreeman
iTunes Signature Maker (iTSM) analyzes your music collection and creates a short audio signature to represent who you are and what you listen to. After it checks your system configuration and asks you a few simple questions, iTSM will spend a few minutes analyzing your collection and generating the audio signature.
Music / Video / Flash code generator
Input the url to to any music, video, or flash file and set width and height.
Pandora -
Radio Music generator by artist, song title (login requierd.)
Pocket Piano Chord Name Finder -
Find the name of any chord!
iTunes Music Store RSS Generator
Japanese calligraphy -
Generates a name in Japanese with audio support.
Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel
Generates MIDI music files from numbers.
MusicEngine -
The core of MusicEngine is a music recommendation engine. To use it, enter the name of a musical artist that you like. MusicEngine will then search a large database and return a list of similar artists that you may also like.
Musipedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia F -
Search by playing on the keyboard, humming or advanced text search. A social collaborative Music Encyclopedia where users can add melodies.
Song Search by Tapping - Search for music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody. -
This site lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words (lyrics).
Social multi service, file storage that generates video/chat boxes for blogs and more.(login required)
Talking Clock, Text To Speech
CalUsing Microsoft Agent Character Merlin Live VIA Live Web Page!
The Online Guitar Tuner -
TTS Interactive Demo N -
Write some text to generate a wav file or listen to it.
Video/Flash Generator -
Video flash code generator with preview
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music
Rintone generator you can download.

Video related

Google Video -
Google social video storage, requires Google Video Uploader. Preferred mpeg-2 or mpeg-4 codecs with mp3 audio. (login required)
KeepVid -
A online service to download videos from Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion. Just type in the URL

Color Tools

Colors on the Web and Combining colors gives a good overview about colors, color combination and how to use colors on the internet and in web design.

Color Related

{style:phreak;} - colormatch redux C
Creat your swatches to download as .ai or .act
6x6x6 Color Cube: An Interactive Voyage
Colourband - CopySense
Generate a graduated "band of colour" that resizes with screen resolution and browser window size.
ColorFun! - colorcube
Tools to learn about Colors.
See the Color of the year or your birthday color by Pantone.
Easy RGB Calibrate - EasyRGB
For your monitor.
Color, Contrast and Dimension
Not a tool but, Color theory explained with exercises.
Color Fields Colr Pickr
Experimental tool that get flicr photos relevant to colors.
Colour Contrast Analyser
Color Palette Generator [1]
Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image.
Red Alt - I Like Your Colors
There is a form at the bottom of this page that lets you choose any URL you want to extract colors from. The colors you see here are from the site that referred you to this page!
Color Wizard - WebWhirlers
The Colour Wizard lets you type in the value of your colour and get an automatic return of that colour's complementary colour, split complementary colours, analogous colours, chromatic variations, shade and tint variantion and saturation variation.
View most loved color schemes
Websafe Colour Tool -
Calculates the closest color in the 216 color web-safe palette to the hex colour that you specify.

Color - Page Preview

Small preview of a web page with your colors, color codes are emailed. - Bergère Design
Preview and code for Background, font and link colors. - Sam Choukri
Color Mixer NF - Christian Krebs
Tool to create lots of Color Palettes, where you can set the background, border..colors for preview.
Colour exploration tools
Preview text, Navigate colour, Mix colour, Make swatches, Colour schemes
Color Picker - yellowpipe
Lets you preview a block of text in different colors for text, background and links.
HTML Color Picker -
Color Picker with perview for background, text and link.
nColor - yoyodesign
A color picker for choosing text and background colors with consideration to colorblind vision. (Just save the page for download.)
Palettizer css color contrast picker
Peter Piper's Palette Picker - worqx
Displays up to 7 colors, Lets you preview a block of text in different colors for text, background.

Color Blenders Shemes

4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 C
Color Blender -
To get started, choose a preferred color using the color picker below, and a 6-color matching palette (a "blend") will be automatically calculated. It's won the web2.0 awards!
Color Blender - Eric Meyer
Select two colors, blend midpoints then press "blend".Can switch between RGB HEX and HEX%.
color combinations
ColorMatch 5K - colormatch
Color Match Express
Colormix -
Color Mixers -
Color Palette Creator v1.6 - slayeroffice
This will take a base color in hex format and create a palette of ten shades of that color for you. You can also export your saved color palettes to a PNG imag.
Flash color Shemer
Color Scheme Generator 2 -
Color wheel Schemes Generator, lets you save the Scheme URL.
Colour Scheme Chooser
Color Schemer Online v.2 -
Enter an RGB or HEX value to get a set of matching colors. You can even lighten and darken your scheme or pick colors from a websafe palette!
Color synthAxis CF - voet cranf
Advanced color sheme creator, it's worth reading the tutorial.
Color Tool 2.0.1 Alpha N C -
Inapge, drag and drop color sheme tool!
Color scheme generated by a word, ex. banana > yelows.
Random Color sheme generator.(Flash)
Easy RGB Color Tools
Eye Dropper Color Mixer
Defence Mechanism’s Color Toy
Get Color - Netcoctail
Shemes and other good color resource.
HTML Color Code Combination Chooser C N -
Save sheme coming soon!
Infohound Color Schemer Color Calculator
Very complete tool.
Technicolor C - The Man In Blue
Color picker, sheme maker with a small preview of a web page.
Triadic Color Harmony
Triplecode Munsell Palette Color Inspiration
Unsafe Colormatch
Web Color Schemes - Return of Design
Web Color Theory

Color Pickers - Charts

AJAX colorpicker
Can keep up to 10 colors, select colors by clicking any point in the color palette, hover over your colors to get the color Hex and RGB code.
LabColors FN - Christian Krebs
Creates shades on the background you want, the size you want. There's this same tool For HSL Colors.
Colourway - CopySense
Pick colors from Web safe or Windows palette, displays up to 4 colors
CSS Color Chart
Lets you toggle from RGB to HEX
Dynamic Color Chart
Mouse over the palette to choose a color. Depending on which mode is selected, Ground, Block or Text color will change accordingly.
The end of web safe colors
By clicking on a number in the base palette colour generator, the tool will return web colors starting from #00000 and iterate through all possible combinations incrementing the red, green and blue components by the amount you have specified.
Pantone Conversion Chart
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
Websafe Colorizer -
Web-Smart Palette - moreCrayons
Cube of 4,096 colors - Color cube: Get the big picture by viewing all 4,096 web-smart colors in a 16x16x16 cube. - Slider: Explore the web-smart palette with a color picker similar to the ones in graphics programs. The web-smart palette uses a 16-by-16-by-16 cube of 4,096 colors. The web-smart palette uses any combination of 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, and ff, and provides a more complete gamut that should display consistently on monitors that support thousands (16-bit) and millions (24-bit) of colors. Most of the colors should dither to the nearest browser-safe color on 256-color monitors.

Color Coverters Tools

DHTML Color Calculator by Sebastian Böthin
Looks like a complete software you can even download to use locally.
HEX - RGB Converter
RGB Color Calculator - HTML Color HEX Code Generator
RGB hex-decimal converter
Color converter (RGB/CMYK/HSV)
Color calculator and chromatic space converter. - EasyRGB
Convert color data to different color spaces. RGB to CIEL*ab, CMY to XYZ and much more...


I Like You.. I really like you... -
Fun animations to cheer you up.
my3DStudio -
Play with animated shapes and textures.
Alphabet Synthesis Machine N -
An interactive Java applet, the Machine invites you to evolve the letter forms of a unique "alien alphabet", which you can download as a Font file.
BlogPulse Tools: Trend Results -
BlogPulse Trend Search allows you to create graphs that visually track "buzz" over time for certain key words, phrases or links. Compare search terms/links in isolation, or use all three fields to compare search terms/links against others.
Celebrity Caricatures
Type in the name of a celebrity and Google Blogoscoped will try to find it.
ePassportPhoto N
ePassportPhoto is the Internet passport photos booth. They are accepted for your real passport and will look much better when printed on a 4x6" (10x15 cm) glossy sheet images
Displays a random Yahoo images search result for each of a user's tag words.
Illusionizer - Google Blogoscoped
Replaces the images on any page by matching Google Images results.
Random Yahoo Images
Overlaps random images with transparence. -nice!
Flickr Album N - flickralbum
Enter a user name to view an interactive album and turn the pages
Flickr retrievr N - System One Lab
Interessting tool that lets you find flickr images by drawing rough sketches of them. Currently the index contains many of Flickr's most interesting images.
Flickr Wallpapr Generator - flickrdotnet
Flickr photo wallpaper generator.
Flickr World Map
On Demand Real Time Contextual Art Layout Generator -
Generates Art from search queries to displays related webpages as Art.
QuickrFlickr N - quickrflickr
A quickr way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga, other blogs, or any HTML Page
Fake Google Logos
This is not a tool, but fun to browse.
Google Images Storyteller Generator
Type in something and google images will try to tell you a image story.
GOgraph submit graphics -
Submit your graphics to GOgraph and obtain a worldwide recognition! We accept the following graphics:Animated GIFs, Photos, Clip Art, Icons, Buttons
Create Invitations, fast, free, easy invites, with no registration required.
ImageShack® F - ImageShack
Image host that supports .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .swf, and .png image types. (bmp, tif, and tiff images will be converted to .png automatically.), has resizing options and will automaticly generate HTML and forum codes to copy and paste. If you login(only email requiered) you can manage your images and also start a photo blog. Has many uploading tools. projects N - solaas
Various Interactive visual experiences.
Your Name in Japanese
Generates a PNG file of a name in Calligraphic style fonts in Japanese.